Full Recovery Time 3s Swing Barrier Gate For Parking Mangement

기본 정보
원래 장소: 중국
브랜드 이름: WEJOIN
인증: CE,ISO
모델 번호: WITB106
최소 주문 수량: 1PC
가격: negotiation
포장 세부 사항: 나무 상자
배달 시간: 5-10 일
지불 조건: Telex 방출, L/C, 서부 동맹
공급 능력: 50pcs/주
지금 연락
상세 정보
팔 길이: 500-900mm 인터페이스: 건조한 접촉
모터 물자: 강철과 알루미늄 합금 모터 유형: DC 24 V의 솔
교류 속도: 분 당 30-40명의 사람들

제품 설명

Full Recovery Time 3s  Swing Barrier Gate For Parking Mangement​



Quick Detail:

  • Name: Swing Barrier gate
  • Application: Indoor and outdoor(shelter)
  • Feature: Auto-reverse passing
  • Relative hunmidity:≤90%,with no condensation
  • Motor material: Ateel and aluminum alloy
  • Certificate: CE,ISO
  • Motor type: DC24V,brush
  • Protect grade: IP32






1. WEJOIN swing barriers have automatic detection for malfunctions, which will be convenient for customer to maintain and operate.


2. Secondly, WEJOIN swing barriers have a compact electro-mechanical design with unique drive which and a self-lock mechanism to ensure product durability and silent operation


3. Thirdly, WEJOIN swing barriers have input interface that are available for dry contact and switch signal connections. So customers can connected the swing barrier with different system, like card reader, ticket system, token system and finger printer, etc.


4. Fourthly,  WEJOIN swing barriers input interface available for dry contact and switch signal connection


5. Fifthly, WEJOIN swing barriers have audible and visual alarm in case of unauthorized access, which can strengthen the entrance security.


6. Lastly,WEJOIN swing barriers can be integrated with fire control device, which allow the release on emergency for security consideration.








Swing Barrier Mechanism
Arm Length(Optional) 500-900mm
Mechanism Dimension 108*450mm
 Swing Direction double direction or single
 Material  Steel and Aluminum Alloy
Driving Motor DC 24V , brush
 Input Interface Dry Contact and Switch Signal Connection
Voltage Motro 220V±15% ,110V±15%
 Starting time after power on  3s
Time for Opening or Closing 1s
Working Temperature  —25°C~50°C
Working Environment Indoor / Outdoor (Shelter)
Transit Speed 30~40 persons/min
Relative Humidity ≤90%, with no condensation

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